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How to Use Feeling Very Good as a Way into the Happiness Zone

As self-help expert Mr. Gilbert George Pennant Jr. has learned—both from his own life and from observing his many clients—happiness stems from the choices you make. The right choices can bring you closer to the happiness zone, which is a state of contentment that revitalizes and excites you. Unfortunately, sometimes the right choice isn’t obvious. To help you identify these important decisions and begin your own journey into the happiness zone, Gilbert has written this simple and direct self-help guide.


Gilbert’s guide gets you thinking about the needs and desires that give you the most satisfaction. He helps you make the connection between your current joys and your future plans. As you delve into what makes you truly happy, Gilbert helps you create a lifetime happiness plan to use as a road map for your journey ahead. With his advice, you can live the life you have always wanted!