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What makes you happy – Free stuff

The first thing I say to a client is that when thinking about anything that might make them happy; the choice cannot be anything that harms them or someone else’s and not something that is against the law of the land. Therefore, in some circumstance free stuff maybe appropriate.

I consider a good choice is to try before you buy. I bought a set of suitcases on line and I was given the option to not pay for the items until they were delivered. I really liked this approach as it allowed me to inspect the items when they arrived and once satisfied with my purchase pay in the confidence that I got what I expected.

Therefore, I wanted to identify free stuff, which gives you the opportunity to try a product before you buy it. I suggest that you read the terms and conditions carefully to understand how you can exit for free at the end of the promotion period without incurring cost, if you do not want to continue.

I do not support the idea of Retail Therapy, as some of the people who are placed in this category spend money, they don’t have to buy stuff they don’t want or need with money they do not have, getting into debt.

Getting free stuff is like retail therapy without the bad taste in the mouth of a bad debt.

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