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What makes you happy, You!

How do you stay happy when you are feeling sad? How do you keep going in the face of rejection and negativity?

The answer becomes clear when you are not prepared to accept anything in life but the best there is to offer. You must have a burning desire for what you are entitled to, which is the finest of everything. Even if you want to accept less your soul will not let you. In this frame of mind even if you don’t know what to do next, you will act.

James Baldwin, a famous author, said words to the effect that the tragedy is not that we fall, but that we fail to get up.

I help you develop a Lifetime happiness plan to address the times when things are going well and importantly not so well.

I use feelings as a good indicator as to where a person is in the process. In the journey of life Happiness/contentment is just beyond sadness, frustration and anger; I recommend that you do not dwell too long in these states but move on to the state that you want for your journey through life.

Even if you pretend to be happy when you are not your subconscious will have ways of showing you and the world how you really feel. I always suggest to clients that the only person they must be honest with is themselves.

My definition of Happiness -Contentment is twofold, do you agree?

Contentment begins when what you have is the same or more than what you need or desire. Also when you stay in the Happiness Zone when something is good or not so good.

Source:  ‘How to use Feeling Very Good as a way into the Happiness Zone’

My approach is to help individuals be aware, develop and act on steps to ensure that all aspects of their life is balanced, and they are in the ‘Happiness Zone’. Focus on now, and the next now will take care of itself.

Ø As soon as a thought comes into your mind, think on it.

Ø Do you have a strong desire to implement it?

Ø Do you believe that it is possible to do it; either from your own experience or from knowing that someone else has achieved what you want to do.

Ø Act, one step at a time.

Now, act, smile, put on some music, hug someone, go for a walk in the park, do something positive to get some energy going and that is the start. It does not matter if the act does not yield immediate success. If the act does not work, then do something else. The key is to keep engaging in the process. You can only experience success or anything else for that matter in the now, therefore focus on what you are doing now and smile.

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