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Happiness Testimonials - in words

Testimonials from past participants

This section contains a selection of feedbacks from past participants of the programme.

Participants comment:

 “I was going to buy a bottle of scotch, then I remembered that I was going to the session and that stopped me from drinking” (a recovering alcoholic).

‘After attending the programme I don’t feel so depressed’.

‘I feel more positive about the future now.’

‘I can now see a good future.’

‘I have a lot more confidence in general now.’

‘When I have a problem, I remember the saying I learnt from the course: Just because I had a setback it’s doesn’t mean I have to stay back.’

‘The programme has given me coping strategies.’

‘I now feel more courageous.’

“Never lose hope”.

“Approach situations and problems in different ways and come out of my comfort zone – do things differently.”

“Never give up!!!”

“I’II try to motivate myself.”

“Improve and learn on doing better to best”.

 “Continue to practice and change if something is not working”.

 “Improve my interview techniques and also stick to the goal planner, which I learnt.”

 “I am going to implement everything learnt from training continuously”.

 “I hope to apply the SMART procedures in my future planning”.

“This programme helped me to set goals and think outside the box; very happy to have attended the programme”.

“Maintain it”.

“It helped to give me a different perspective”.

“It was a good training and well interactive and I enjoyed being with everyone that was involved in the training”.

 “I am going to practice SMART goal setting.”

“I am going to use my Lifetime Happiness plan and Happiness Bank especially which is very helpful!”

“I will always think positively.”

“Forget about the ‘why ‘and carry on focusing on me, what I control and what I can influence. As the focusing on the ’why’ makes me frustrated and annoyed.”

“Think differently after doing this course. Path is more clear and how to achieve it.”

“Make my goals SMART.”

“I really enjoyed this course and meeting people, everyone was really friendly and I interacted well with them. Gil was very friendly, welcoming and down to earth!”

“Strongly recommend this to all”.

“I would recommend to my friend”.

“I am going to apply what I have learnt in this course to all aspects of my life, in particular –goal setting. This course has made me feel more confident in achieving my aims.”

“I am going to do regular exercise to bring more motivation into my life...”

“A very valuable and worthwhile course; for the future, I’m now Feeling Very Good.”

“I will be better, confident and more challenging and effective.”

“ I can now look ahead and think more constructively"

  1. Take action now by emailing us a time that we can call you for a conversation, which will be no longer than 10 minutes.
  2. During the conversation we will find out what you want to achieve.
  3. We will go away and think about your objectives and prepare for you a personalised package to achieve your goals, which includes the cost.
  4. Depending on where you are in the world, the training part of the package will be delivered face to face in a group or one to one, it may be by Skype or over the phone. One to one sessions will be delivered face to face or by Skype or over the phone.
  5. If you are happy to go ahead we are able to start almost immediately.
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