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Happy relationships!

We use ‘Feelings’ as a way of increasing happiness and well-being and is aimed at anyone that wants to move forward with their life.

Benefits you get from the program: -

Learning outcomes:-

  • Understand what a goal is
  • Why goal setting is important
  • How to set a SMART goal
  • A toolkit to set up a Lifetime happiness plan e.g. 1-year plan, or 5-year plan etc.
  • A toolkit to set up a happiness goals monitor
  • A toolkit to monitor, evaluate and adjust a Lifetime happiness plan.

Specific outcomes:-

•         A focus and direction

•         An action plan for a specific period in the future

•         Responsibility for own success or failure

•         Defined real life actions separated from just wishful thinking

•         Encouragement to set priorities, therefore limit the time to get involved with distracting things

•         A path to follow

•         Help to visualise and plan actions to achieve goals and the steps to carry them out

•         A sense of past victories of goals accomplished and motivation to succeed in current and future goals

•         Improved self-image

•         Awareness of personal strengths

•          Support with happiness goal monitor

•         Guidance an assistance to evaluate and adjust a Lifetime happiness plan

How to have a great relationship with yourself or someone else?

Satisfying relationships not only make us happy, they also influence our long-term health as much as getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and not smoking. Many research studies have shown that satisfying relationships are associated with better health, greater happiness, and even a longer life. This effect is not limited to romantic relationships; close friendships and social connections with family and members of your community can also help your health.

If you want a happy relationship; send us an email now saying:

"I want a happy relationship now."

Together with the email address or telephone number to contact you on and, the best time of the day.  

 In return, we will send you a free information sheet on why Happiness is Important, and arrange a free no obligation consultation session for you. 


Being in a supportive relationship can also motivate us to live healthier. Studies show social support is related to eating more vegetables, exercising, and quitting smoking. Being around healthier people can be an incentive to take better care of our own health. Or perhaps we may enjoy exercising with friends or partners. Spouses may buy and cook healthy foods for us or we may be motivated to get fitter to be more attractive to our partners.

If you aren’t happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship. To think otherwise would mean that someone else can make you happy and although people can contribute to some degree to your sense of happiness, in no way can someone else be completely responsible for your own happiness. When you enter a relationship thinking that the other person can make you happy or can give you the love that you think you don’t have you will manifest a co-dependent relationship.

Co-dependency happens when you try to extract from someone else what you think you don’t have. Ultimately being co-dependent stems from lack of self-love, from failing to grant glory and worth to your-Self, hence needing the approval of someone else, needing their love to prove your self-worth becomes a DRAMATIC game of extracting love, approval and appreciation from other people. On another level, it is dominance and control issues because when you make the other person responsible for YOUR happiness, then the subconscious feels that as a loss of personal power, so controlling the person who is responsible for your happiness generates quite naturally a lot of drama. 

The people whom believe that they’d be happy if only they were in a relationship. This could not be further from the truth. A relationship is not the answer to your happiness. Other people cannot “make you happy”, only YOU are responsible for your happiness. The moment that you realise happiness comes from within and that you can be happy being single is the moment that you’re truly ready for manifesting a healthy, functional and fun relationship. 

Happiness is a choice, so avoid looking outside yourself for it.  Choose to be happy right now and then you’ll vibrate at such a high frequency that will lead you to attract an epic relationship.

Our program helps you to figure out what makes you happy, set goals to work toward it; plan the steps to achieve those goals and check daily that you are staying in the ‘Happiness Zone’.

Have a look at previous happy customers testimonials – in words -

Have a look at previous happy customers testimonials – in film -


The right choices can bring you closer to the happiness zone, which is a state of contentment that revitalises and excites you.


During the consultation we will find out what you want to achieve.  We will consider your objectives and prepare a personalised package to achieve your goals with the cost.

Depending on your location, the training part of the package will be delivered face-to-face in a group or one to one, over the phone or via the internet.

If you are happy to go ahead, we can start as soon as possible.


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