Individuals happiness and wellbeing training 

Organisations happiness and wellbeing training 

 ‘Motivate to work’, is a 12 week motivational goal setting programme. The programme helps a person with personal and interpersonal skills, well-being both physical and mental, and pathways to employment or self-employment.

The programme is aimed at anyone that lives in the London borough of Newham and is aged between: 25 - 49 or 50 plus; receiving out of work benefits or universal credits.

50 plus age group particularly women and BANE ex-offenders apart from those with unspent convictions and or sexual offences.

In many ways, where barriers exist for older jobseekers they present as amplified; where they are overqualified, they are very overqualified, where they have spent time out the labour market, they have often spent a significant period of time out and as such make them even more distinctive to other types of job seekers.

People aged 50 or above, particularly women, who are unemployed, are more likely to remain out of work for longer periods of time than all other age groups. Age discrimination is still one of the main challenges facing older workers trying to find a job.

25 - 49 age group particularly BANE ex-offenders apart from those with unspent convictions and or sexual offences.

These group members are not faced with the same issues as the 50 plus and have their own issues to address; but are more flexible in their approach to finding employment or self-employment.

Stage 1:  4 - 6 weeks

Participants will attend Getting into the ‘Happiness Zone’- setting goals for success!

Plus several courses from the list below:

1.            Assertiveness Skills

2.            Managing Your Anger training

3.            Stress Management training

4.            Building Self Esteem training

5.            Managing Anxiety training

6.            How to manage yourself in the workplace training

Stage 2: 2 weeks

 Participants will undertake a work trail in an industry of their choice, list is not exhausted:

•Public sector

• Private sector

• Charitable sector

•Accountancy, finance

•Health care

•Leisure, sport & tourism

•Office, admin


•Security work




Stage 3: 4 weeks

 After the work trail; it is anticipated that some participants will be taken on into full time employment, which has happened in the past. Once participants are employed we will continue to provide support for up to 1 month.

  1. Take action now to get the lifestyle of your choice by emailing us a time that we can call you for a conversation, which will be no longer than 10 minutes.
  2. During the conversation we will find out what you want to achieve.
  3. We will go away and think about your objectives and prepare for you a personalised package to achieve your goals, which includes the cost.
  4. Depending on where you are in the world, the training part of the package will be delivered face to face in a group or one to one, it may be by Skype or over the phone. One to one sessions will be delivered face to face or by Skype or over the phone.
  5. If you are happy to go ahead we are able to start almost immediately.